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We provide and extend personalized & innovative healthcare services to its customers.


As an agent to the leading global companies, Sofiguard has grown its client relations and database, now providing the market with over 2000+ SKUs.

Sofiguard remains a family company with second and third generation entrepreneurs leading a new era for growth. President Engineer Cherine Scandar, Vice President and Managing Director Ezzat Scandar, and COO Karim El Ashram now lead the company. With an acquired experience of over 40 years in the medical industry, the annual turnover of the company has exceeded 200+ million USD with imported pharmaceutical representation and distribution contributing to 60% of the total revenues.

We are ranked amongst the top three pharmaceutical importers and amongst the top five distributers in the country. We strive to continue our successes by investing in our teams capabilities, strengthening our existing partnerships and relationships, and increasing our distribution reach.



Sofiguard was built out of a need to introduce important pharmaceutical products to the local market and through the vision of its founder. As a sole distributor to the leading global companies, Sofiguard has grown its client relations and database, now providing the market with over 1000 SKUs from over 15 companies.


Our products cover a range of both medical and commercial industries. Our portfolio is a wide-ranging offering of quality products and devices that help providers deliver efficient services.


Our Vision

High quality services, transparency, reliability and dedication are most effective elements paving the way to gain our community, partners and patients trust enabling us to improve the health care business within our country and region.

Our Team

As a family run business with over 70 years of experience, we know that more than our extensive portfolio, our ability to better serve our clients is inherently based on our team. With over 1500+ employees, what differentiates us from our competitors is our combined experience. We invest in their capabilities and offer them a rich working experience. Our culture is that of inclusion, allowing them to outperform and grow together as a united team.

Our Mision

Delivering innovative, high quality and effective solutions targeting most of the therapeutic areas for enhancing patient quality of life and confidence of medical professionals to deliver best possible health care service to our community.

We love our clients